ipool – it makes sense

Ipool is a tool that helps staffing and communication in your everyday life. Our main idea in ipool is to work with common sense. When we should work out a word of value SENSE therefore came naturally.

Ipool helps your company to streamline and ensure your

  • Employee information and communication
  • Staffing (available work shifts, exchanging shifts, leave applications, notification of illness)
  • Time reporting
  • Schedules
  • Salary specifications
  • Documentation etc.


Ipool facilitates the workday for you and your personnel.

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to get started (you can have the portal going in a matter of hours for all your employees)
  • Easy to have access to (all around the world where you have a computer, smart phone or tablet with Internet connection)
  • Easy to understand the advantages
  • Easy to adapt to your needs (the portal is available in different sizes)
  • Easy to profit from (you save a lot of time – time is money)

For more information call +46 (0)8 28 26 31 or contact us via e-mail.


Kammakargatan 48, 111 60 Stockholm

Peter Jedenmark
Phone: 08-28 26 31
E-mail: peter.jedenmark@ipool.se

Phone: 08-28 26 33
E-mail: info@ipool.se

Phone: 08-28 26 33
E-mail: support@ipool.se